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Andrew Raynor

In the two and a half days, I have spent over 20 hours at the Las Vegas Convention Center, surrounded by over 15,000 like-minded people, all with an internal belief system of being destined for something bigger than a traditional way of thinking, all who operate on high frequencies, and all who are living out a purpose of growth and contribution.

Motivational speaker and philanthropist Tony Robbins was within a couple hundred feet of me, and my soul was immensely filled after soaking up every word of his for over 4 hours (apparently the guru knows no time constraints). The energy in the room was indescribable with a burning sensation that went so deep into the soul, with one minute the audience on the edge of their seat eating up every word, to the next minute everyone jumping up and down screaming as loud as they can, waving their arms in the air, hugging and high-fiving strangers.

But it wasn’t until the next morning that I had a major aha moment. I was staring over the balcony on the 22nd floor of a pilot’s high-rise condo, overlooking the city after a night of just about no sleep- a healthy mix of being jacked up on adrenaline from Tony Robbins, combined with enjoying a bit a bit of what Vegas had to offer..

It was only about 45′ outside in the morning but the sun had heated up the balcony and brought in a warm comfortable breeze. I could see mountains in the far distance, with the city that never sleeps in the foreground, though surely at about 7am, I’m sure more people were sleeping than not..

And I was in a complete and utter state of awe and gratitude, something I need to take more time to appreciate.


It was my first time in Vegas, and while I didn’t get to see much of what the city actually had to offer, between Tony Robbins and this moment, it made it all worth it. How my life has changed over the last year and a half has been unreal, with a plethora of chance events, odd coincidences, and moments of truly feeling as if I was in the right place at the right time.

Living in Vegas is not anywhere on my bucket list, but when you spend a tad bit of a time with a pilot who has a pretty stellar career with an option to go almost anywhere at anytime, and when you wake up to this view without a care in the world, I thought to myself – why can’t I wake up like this everyday?

Why shouldn’t I be able to choose where I wake up and where I call my office?

Surprisingly, I only took 6 pages of notes from Tony’s session; I blame him making us stand up and dance around half the time.. but I did write down some key things:

We all have a story of challenge; this is what makes us grow.
I can take control of my life if I make the decision RIGHT NOW.

So tell me why the bulk of the population would never do that?

According to Tony, when you ask people why, it is a never-ending list of excuses: I don’t have the time; I don’t have the money; I don’t have the energy; I lack education; I lack technology. The resources are not the problem. The resourcefulness is. If your life depended on it, or a family member’s life, could you do what was once seemingly impossible? If you are creative enough, determined enough, loving enough, do you think you can get the resources?


Tony Robbins lit such a fire in my belly that makes the “normal” world quite uncomfortable, the real world full of what one speaker called the “dead” people. People who are dead but don’t realize it, walking around doing things because that is what they were conditioned to do. People who are living out someone else’s dream. People who stopped dreaming on their own because at some point the little kid who wanted to grow up to be an astronaut was told that it is unrealistic, and that the Lamborghini poster on the wall is a silly fantasy. People who joke about a permanent vacation yet never truly believe that they can have it. Do you ever wonder how people who make it happen, make it happen?

Divorce the story that you tell yourself, and marry the truth that is.

I am a solid believer in the law of attraction and positive energies. I truly believe that so many people have self-limiting beliefs and that they are holding themselves back from something bigger and better. I believe in living your life on your own terms, and living in a beautiful state of gratitude, even when you don’t feel like it.

I am sold on the idea of living a life of purpose and a life on purpose, and so very ready for my next adventure!

I want to hear from you.. what is something that you have always dreamed of but deemed “impossible”, and what is your story you are telling yourself as to why it is unattainable?

Andrew Raynor

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